J Rodriguez (Wang Mengyi)

At the age of five or six, Jaime Gonzalo Rodriguez began his practice of martial arts. As a teenager he first encountered, and  began his study of Seven Stars Praying Mantis. Later, in 1998 he made his first visit to mainland China. Since that time he has trained, lived and researched Seven Stars Praying Mantis for prolonged periods of time throughout the People’s Republic of China. He has painstakingly managed to seek out the most  knowledgeable Masters of the style from whom he has received corrections, exchanged knowledge, and of course studied with.

As a result of these many journey’s and after years of searching Jaime Rodriguez finally encountered the enlightened Teacher, Master Chi Xueyuan. Despite having never accepted any non-Chinese students previously, Jaime Rodriguez was later ‘adopted’ by  Master Chi Xueyuan.

Years later, for the first time since the Wang family passed everything to Chi Xueyuan; Master Chi passed all seven scrolls to Jaime Rodriguez. These  included the entire alter and household name of ‘Kui De Tang‘ thus becoming the 5th generation. There were  various reasons for this, one being that Jaime Rodriguez  previously had followed Master Yu Tianlu for several years learning Seven Star Praying Mantis. Masters Chi and Yu are good friends plus Chi also studied under Master Yu’s Teacher Grandmaster Lin Jingshan. Another reason was that during the last twenty years Master Chi had found only two people who had the traditional values needed. When Master Chi spoke of these two enter the room disciples he said they were  moral, just, loyal, hard working and had the ability to bear hardship. That second person was Jaime Gonzalo Rodriguez.

Today,  J Rodriguez is the Head Instructor of Kui De Tang in Europe. He is an ‘Enter the room disciple’ and adopted son of the family. He was also bestowed with the auspicious fifth generation Wang family name; Wang Mengyi and is a 22nd generation disciple of the Huashan Taoist sect.