Q & A

What are the herbs like and how much will they cost?

Chinese Herbs are now available at our Worcester clinic in a number of formats, both traditional and modern. The traditional method is to boil a mixture of dried herbs to make a tea or to use pills. The herbs are also now commonly prescribed as freeze dried powders or tinctures. The herbs will at first taste unusual and often bitter to anyone who has not tried them before, but the vast majority of people get used to the taste very quickly.
You should inquire about charges when making your appointment in Worcester. Many private health insurance companies are now covering Acupuncture and a few will pay also for Herbal Therapy. You should check your individual policy details.

Do you use any endangered species in your herbal therapy?

We are greatly concerned about the threat to wild animals and plants that have come as a result of the growth in demand for traditional medicines. We condemn the illegal trade in endangered plant and animal species, and are subject to strict rules which prohibit the use of any such material.