Torn Cruciate Ligament
“After sustaining a torn cruciate ligament I was unable to walk unaided for four months. I was told I needed ligament reconstruction if I was ever to partake in any regular athletic endeavors again. Whilst waiting for my leg to unlock and my operation, I sought out a secondary opinion from the Kui De Tang Clinic. Their opinion was that I could avoid surgery with Chinese massage along with traditional kung-fu/qigong training to strengthen my leg. Within an hour of my first treatment I could stand and walk without crutches (something four months of physiotherapy had eluded). Over a year later I have 95% of my athletic ability back and am able to train five days per week. All without surgery, Amazing!”
Mark (Cheltenham)

Post Natal Depression/Under-active Thyroid
“I have recently had a course of treatments with J. Rodriguez at the Kui De Tang Centre, which was very effective. He was very professional, efficient and dealt with me sensitively. I had pain free acupuncture and massage. Although the neck massage was uncomfortable at first it became more enjoyable as the sessions progressed and my symptoms improved. The back massage was amazing, if you want a deep tissue massage that was the best. I had post natal depression, was on anti-depressants, winged scapula (shoulder blade) – which became more comfortable, had thyroid and hormone irregularities which made weight loss an impossibility. After the treatments I came off the tablets and felt much brighter in myself, I felt I had regained some energy and self-worth. I gained some motivation to start an exercise programme and I lost some weight. After having a second blood test I also found that my hormone levels have returned to normal. After exercising I now drink goji berries in boiled water as they are rich in anti – oxidants and vitamins.
I recommend James to anybody for any ailment, as all his remedies are natural products and don’t just give short term pain relief but permanent solutions which can be really life changing.”
Many thanks
Isabel of Shap drive, Worcester.

Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder
“I would like to say a very big thank you for all that you have done to help me. After struggling to cope with the effects PTSD has had on my life the Tui Na and Acupuncture treatment that I received has had a positive effect on me, greatly reducing my insomnia, stopping my headaches, restoring my appetite, relaxing my nerves, boosting my energy and giving me a fresh perspective on life. My lower back pain has gone allowing me freedom of movement, something that chiropractors and medication could not do. The prescribed medication I am on has now been reduced by half because of the effectiveness of the treatment.
Again many thanks for your understanding of my condition and your professional approach to helping me.”
Charlie (Banbury).

Frozen Shoulder “On “Wednesday 27th June I had a session of physiotherapy for my right shoulder, which was diagnosed as “frozen Shoulder”. On the 30th of June I attended “A One Day Course in Strengthening Exercises for Manual Therapists (Tuina Lianggong/Shaolin Neigong) at the Kui De Tang Centre. After completing the course during the evening I found that it had relieved my shoulder by 95% and could also sleep on my right side for the very first time in over six weeks”.

Thank you,

Maria (Worcester)

Intense Anxiety & Depression “I went to the Kui De Tang Centre because I was suffering from intense anxiety and depression and had already tried all sorts of other approaches, including anti-depressant medication. Within a month of having weekly massage/acupuncture treatments I felt significantly better; calmer, more energetic and much more my usual self. I intend to have regular ‘top up’ appointments with the Centre and would recommend it to others with similar symptoms. I do not fully understand how it works, but for me it has certainly contributed to my improved well-being.

Jane, Oxford

Chinese Medicine Clinic Cheltenham Banbury Oxford

Another happy patient!