Forms Training


  • Hand forms
  • Two person hand forms

Forms or sets as they are sometimes known are a series of techniques linked fluidly together. They incorporate the many aspects of this martial art and develop and improve co-ordination, balance, stamina, strength, speed and focus. Through learning the forms or sets you are actually learning how to fight as each and every technique of Seven Stars Praying Mantis has numerous fighting applications. The forms are divided into three main  categories namely:

  • Forms which emphasize rigidness
  • Forms which emphasize flexibility
  • Forms which emphasize both

Every form teaches the student a different strategy of attack or defense depending upon the opponent. For example, against a larger or stronger opponent we use flexible techniques as opposed to using force against force. Whilst against a smaller or weaker opponent we can employ more aggressive and direct attacks. Through practicing the systems many forms, a student learns the different theories of the style leading to a well rounded martial artist.

Kui De Tang-83 Kui De Tang-113