• Seven Stars Praying Mantis Kung-Fu

Students get to develop good posture, strength and flexibility and learn self defense in an environment that stresses the importance of respect. Gong-Fu simply serves as a vehicle to instil values and skills that our students can put to use outside of our classes. Skills like: Self-confidence, self-control, and positive thinking; listening skills, respect and good manners. Traditional Gong-Fu attaches great importance in attaining a clear mind and healthy body which is necessary to lead a productive life. Gong-Fu works on two levels the physical and the mental.
Physical Benefits: Our students find Gong-Fu fun and it’s an excellent way of developing one’s fitness, strength and stamina. Mental Benefits: Our Gong-Fu is not just a physical activity it’s about developing mentally, learning to reach your full potential by setting personal goals and achieving them. Students develop confidence, a sense of self discipline, and control whilst becoming productive and balanced members of society. Traditional Gong-Fu is taught in a non-competitive, family atmosphere and therefore suitable for all.

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