• Seven Stars Praying Mantis
• Praying Mantis Qigong, Taoist Health Preservation Exercises & Meditation

Seven Stars Praying Mantis
This is a complete and unique style of Chinese Martial Arts. It contains both long and short range techniques and is comprised of: punching, kicking, locking, throwing and the striking of acupuncture points. Our classes are taught in the traditional step by step approach incorporating all aspects of Seven Stars Praying Mantis. Our classes are ideal for those wanting to study a traditional Chinese martial art, the traditional way.

Praying Mantis Qigong, Taoist Health Preservation Exercises & Meditation
This is a unique opportunity for students to learn Taoist exercises and advice for longevity. The class is a means of learning yet another aspect of Seven Stars Praying Mantis, keeping good health, learning a way of life and a chance to learn the ancient ways of sound physical and mental health from the Mount Hua Taoist tradition.
Students learn the many gentle exercises which are simple yet very effective, when practiced regularly. These ancient exercises designed to improve health, develop your energy and vitality. By continued practice students learn mental concentration, relaxation of the body and mind, stress relief, improved circulation, increased strength, flexibility and weight loss. This program is suitable for adults of all ages and ability.

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