Projects & Donations

Kui De Tang is dedicated to preserving & transmitting traditional Seven Stars Praying Mantis. Please help support our various projects by making a financial contribution. We welcome donations of any size to support our efforts. Donations may be sent to our headquarters in the UK or submitted electronically via PayPal. We also welcome donators to state which project they wish their donation to go towards or to meet with us to discuss their donation.

The names of all donators who contribute £50 or more towards China Projects 1-3 will be recorded and inscribed on the rear of the relevant headstones. Upon completion of such projects we will welcome all benefactors to visit China for sight seeing or study. Whilst individual donations towards UK projects will be listed annually in the Kui De Tang journal.

China Project List

1. A headstone for Great Grandmaster Wang Yunsheng (1855-1927) – RMB 10,000元 (£1,000)

2. A headstone for Grandmaster Fan Xudong (1871 – ?) – RMB 10,000元 (£1,000)

3. A headstone for Grandmaster Wang Chuanyi (1900 – 1971) – RMB 10,000元 (£1,000)

4. Supporting research in China

UK Project List & Current Needs

5. Supporting education of Seven Stars Praying Mantis in the UK (premises, teaching materials etc)

6. Reproduction Qing dynasty manuscripts, scrolls and flags – £750

7. Reproduction training apparatus from the Qing dynasty – £500

Thank you for your support.