What is Kui De Tang?

Our school in Worcester is the original, first official branch of Kui De Tang outside of the Peoples Republic of China. It is the same school that Grandmaster Wang Yunsheng (1855-1927) first established in the early 1890’s to teach his newly created style of Gong-Fu (Kung-Fu) called ‘Seven Stars Praying Mantis’.

Originally Kui De Tang was the name of the Wang family home, and has been for many generations. The ‘Kui’ star is one of the seven stars in the constellation known as the plough, or big dipper. It is the star that sits at the tip of the bowl. Therefore, Grandmaster Wang Yunsheng named his style ‘Seven Stars Praying Mantis’. Since then, this martial art has been quietly handed down from one generation to the next by members of Grandmaster Wang’s family.