Chinese Medicine Worcester


Kui De Tang is a unique Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic based in Worcester, Worcestershire, England. Providing Society with, regardless of age or gender, the opportunity to benefit from receiving our ancient Chinese medical knowledge, to eliminate pain and discomfort and promote good health and quality of life in all aspects; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

We dedicate ourselves to continuously adhering to the highest standard of professional ethics and conduct in the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The clinic has been established since 2004, and we continue to strive in providing high quality care to society.

  • Acupuncture & Moxabustion
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Chinese Tuina Massage & Manipulation
  • Chinese Reflexology
  • Cupping & Blood Letting Therapy
  • External Trauma Medicine
  • Qigong, Health Preservation Exercises, Daoyin & Meditation

          We stock:

  • Dried herbs, granules & patent medicines
  • Authentic high grade Chinese tea & teaware
  • Dried fruits & health foods
  • Martial arts uniforms & equipment


Jaime Gonzalo Rodriguez began his study of Chinese martial arts as a teenager, and in 1994 started his studies of modern and classical Chinese. In 1998 he began his study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduating in 2003 as a licensed Acupuncturist from ‘The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine’. Jaime Rodriguez has received teachings in unique practical Chinese therapeutics and theory, as passed down through his Taoist and martial lineage.

He has also completed apprenticeships with Doctors, Liu Xian in Chinese herbal medicine, orthopedics & traumatology. Also with Zhao Shuian in Chinese ‘Tuina’ massage & herbal medicine.

Later, he too completed an advanced course in Tuina massage at the Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine in London, along with further educational training with Lin Cai in Chinese Reflexology & ‘Tuina’ massage.

He recieved private tuition in traditional Bone-setting Tuina and has completed trainings in herbal medicine and advanced Chinese herbal medicine.

Having previously practiced in Droitwich and London, and having had articles published in various authoritative medical journals, he now currently maintains a clinical practice in Worcester, combining his practice with teaching and writing.