Courses & Retreats 2024

Next Course: Traditional Praying Mantis Qigong & Martial Arts Summer Retreat:  25th July – 29th July!

  • Traditional Praying Mantis Martial Arts Retreats – Spring (Apr), Summer (July), Autumn (Oct) & Winter (Jan)
  • Praying Mantis Qigong, Health Preservation & Meditation Retreats
  • Introduction to Traditional Tuina Exercises for Massage Students & Practitioners
  • Traditional Chinese Dietetics (1 Day)
  • Cupping & Blood-letting for Trauma Injuries (1 Day)
  • The Use of Diet Therapy in Martial Arts Trauma Medicine (1 Day)
  • A complete course in traditional Chinese medical herbs for traumatology & the martial arts (3 Days)
  • 1 Year Traditional Martial Arts Beginners Trauma Medicine Course:
  • 1 Year Traditional Zhenggu Tuina Chinese Massage Course: Starts Sept 2024
  • 1 Year Traditional Martial Arts Advanced Trauma Medicine Course.

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Traditional Zhenggu Tuina Chinese Massage Practitioner Course with certification

This is our one year Tuina or traditional Chinese massage course, Option 1: one Saturday per month for 12 months – 9:30am – 4:30pm. Option 2: A two week intensive course running Monday to Saturday – 9:30am – 4:30pm daily.  All modules are a combination of both theory and practice.


  • Introduction and theory of Tuina (History, Qi, Yin Yang, five elements, twelve organs, six climatic factors, twelve channels and eight extraordinary channels, anatomy).
  • Commonly used acu-points (Including names, anatomical location and indications)
  • Qigong exercises for Tuina practitioners
  • Palpation, examination and diagnostic skills and techniques
  • Praying Mantis Tuina techniques and all their variations (Including applications and functions)
  • Clinical Treatments including acute & chronic back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, ankle sprain, stiff neck, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, headache, rheumatism, Bi syndrome, hemiplegia, chronic injuries from knocks & falls, numbness, aches, pains & weakness etc.
  • The use of topical herbal medicines with Tuina treatments
  • Written and practical exam (optional).

Course Lecturer: James Rodriquez has succesfully ran a Chinese Medicine clinic for the past 21 years and specialises in orthopaedics and traumatology.

Practitioner insurance will be available through Balens.

A one day course in Traditional Tuina Exercises

Student Review: “On “Wednesday 27th June I had a session of physiotherapy for my right shoulder, which was diagnosed as “frozen Shoulder”. On the 30th of June I attended “A One Day Course in Strengthening Exercises for Manual Therapists (Tuina Liangong/Shaolin Neigong) at the Kui De Tang Centre. After completing the course during the evening I found that it had relieved my shoulder by 95% and could also sleep on my right side for the very first time in over six weeks”.

Thank you,

Maria, Worcester

Traditional Praying Mantis Martial Arts Trauma Medicine (Beginners) Course 


Student Review:

“The Kui De Tang Die Da/Trauma Medicine course took place over 12 monthly sessions during 2020 taught by Mr James Rodriguez, a Chinese medical practitioner and direct descendant of a long lineage of masters of Qi Xing Tang Lang kung fu. The course covered the complex and fascinating history of Chinese medicine directly related to the lineage of Qi xing tang lang on both theory and practice. It began with an elementary study of Western and Eastern approaches to physical anatomy, their differences and their nomenclature, together with an in-depth study of the major meridians and acupoints. This facilitated learning of the basics of Tui Na , a vital aspect in die da/trauma medicine. The second half of the course focused on herbology: particularly on the properties and use of some 50 Chinese herbs and their use in several rare traditional recipes typical used in trauma injuries, many of which were developed by the past masters of Qi xing tang lang kung fu. Again practice and theory were intertwined, and a great deal of time was devoted to perfecting these complex formulations and understanding their dosage and use. Overall the course was a fascinating and in depth study of theory and practice of traditional die da medicine as it applied to the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts. The depth of knowledge that Mr Rodriguez has for this complex subject, rarely taught in the West, is extraordinary, and contributed to a most remarkable experience.”   

Dr R Mulholland,

Oxford, UK

If you would like to exclusively host one of our courses, retreats or a lecture/class on one of our specialist subjects at an event or venue near you; then please do get in touch.