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Grandmaster Wang Yongchun’s secondary personal name was Yunsheng. His original family home was in Wang family lane, Xiguan, Qishan suocheng, Yantai Village. Part of Zhifu community, Fushan County, Dengzhou Prefecture in Shandong Province, China. Wang Yunsheng was born during the reign of Xianfeng (1850 – 1861), and died during the Republic of China (1912 – 1949). Grandmaster Wang Yunsheng was a man of great stature, strong and approximately 1.9m tall. Originally Grandmaster Wang gave priority to studying literature, though simultaneously studied martial arts. As he failed the official examinations on several occasions, he abandoned the pen for the sword. Wang Yunsheng passed the examinations of the Imperial Martial Contest at the end of the Qing dynasty.

At the age of 12, Grandmaster Wang Yunsheng formally studied Mount Hua Long-fist, both practice and theory from the 17th generation keeper of the Mount Hua sect, Li Yichun. Wang was taught at Yuhuang Ding temple, Yantai. Aged 18, he went to Wendeng to study Ground Boxing, and later began to teach pupils in Yantai. In the year 1888 Grandmaster Wang Yunsheng was accepted as a disciple by Grandmaster Li Zhijian, who taught him Praying Mantis for three years. Then in the year 1892 using the name of his family home ‘Kui De Tang’ he created his own style, named ‘Seven Stars Praying Mantis’.