Price List



Course of Treatment

*Special Offer Buy 5 get 1 Free*

Initial 20 mins Consultation & Advice



Acupuncture & Moxabustion

Auricular Acupuncture







Acupuncture & ‘Tui Na’ Massage

1 hr 20 mins



Traditional ‘Tui Na’ Massage

Full Body – 60mins



Traditional ‘Tui Na An Qiao’ MassageA strong full body massage – 60mins £40 £200

Traditional ‘Tui Na’ Neck, Shoulders & Back Massage

A shortened version of the above two massages. For those in a rush! Improves flexibility, relieves stress, targets knotted areas whilst eliminating any pain or discomfort – 30mins.

£30 £150

Traditional ‘Zheng Gu Tui Na’ (‘Die Da’) Massage

Massage, acupressure, manipulation, relocation and alignment of muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones. Full Body – 30mins.



‘Tui Na’ Pre & Post Natal Massage   

Used to treat breech presentations as well as nausea, back/hip pain, depression etc. Restores strength and good health whilst easing the mind and lifting the spirit.



Exercise Therapy

(Elementary level private tuition in Qigong, Daoyin, Meditation, Health preservation exercises, Kung-Fu etc.)

£40 per Hour


Herbal Medicine Prescriptions In granule format just add hot water and drink  £22 – 25per week  




Trauma Medicine

Cupping and/or Blood-letting

From £10

From £20


  • Herbal products, gift vouchers are also available
  • Concessionary rates are available for children, students and those unemployed
  • We accept cash & bank transfer only
  • Home visits are available by appointment
  • Regretfully, late arrival for your appointment will constitute a reduced treatment time
  • A 50% cancellation charge will be incurred for any treatment(s) not cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.