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Contact: Grandmaster Chi Xueyuan

Location: Liaoning Province, P.R China

Email: [email protected]

About: Master Chi Xueyuan was born in the 1940’s and during the 50’s he started to learn the true essence of Seven Stars Praying Mantis from Grandmaster Wang Chuanyi, the only grandson of Great Grandmaster Wang Yunsheng, the founder of Seven Stars Praying Mantis.

Grandmaster Wang Chuanyi’s head disciples were; his son Master Wang Yanqing (the great grandson of Wang Yunsheng) in Yantai and Master Chi Xueyuan in Dalian. Master Chi’s great-uncle named Chi Shuluo also learnt Seven Stars Praying Mantis and was a classmate of Fan Xudong, both of whom were disciples of Great-Grandmaster Wang Yunsheng.

1986 – Master Chi was awarded the Lion Prize for his various contributions to and achievements in martial arts such as: donating old Seven Star Praying Mantis manuscripts and weapons such as an old two-section stick from the Chi family. At the National Martial Arts Gathering in 1986 he demonstrated Seven Star Praying Mantis which also resulted in him winning the Lion Prize.

1987 – The National Sports Council gave him an award for his outstanding work during the National Martial Arts Excavation of the 1980’s.

1988 – The committee of the National Martial Arts Research Institute awarded him a ‘Contribution to Martial Arts’ award at the Chinese International Wushu Festival.

1991 – Master Chi assumed the post of Executive Director of Yantai City International Praying Mantis Boxing Union. From the 1980’s to the 1990’s he also held the post of Executive Director for Dalian City Martial Arts Association.

1994 – He featured in the publication ‘Dictionary of Famous Chinese Martial Artists’.

1999 – He was appointed Vice-president of Yantai City Seven Star Praying Mantis Research Association.

2001 – Master Chi was awarded the winning prize at the Conference of National Praying Mantis Boxing Masters.

Today, Grandmaster Chi is considered one of China’s living treasures for his knowledge of traditional Chinese arts and culture. His understanding of Chinese martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, Taoism and Buddhism; just to name a few is simply beyond words. He is considered the foremost authority and most knowledgeable teacher of Seven Stars Praying Mantis alive today and is the official worldwide guardian of this unique martial art.