June 2013

China Study & Research Trip 2013

Dear all,

As you may know, Kui De Tang run an annual study and research trip to China. The school has just returned from this intense month of learning. Students followed Grandmaster Chi learning all aspects of Seven Stars Praying Mantis along with Traditional Chinese Culture, Daoism, Buddhism, Chinese Medicine, Health Preservation, Dietetics and Tea Culture. Students studied under Grandmaster Chi all day every day, they completely immersed themselves in training, focusing on different aspects at various times in the day. We also succeeded in uncovering further information regarding the history of other branches, with the help of a Grand-disciple of Master Hu Yongfu and a Great-grand disciple of Xiao Shubin. The experience was enriching and fulfilling as always, and gave time for Students to take stock of what they have learned, focus on their development, and continue on their personal journey with Kui De Tang. Grandmaster Chi offers a vast wealth of knowledge that of which others can only hope to gain a slight amount. However we should always relish the enormity of our task as we stand on the tip of the iceberg!

Jaime Rodriguez.