June 2014

Dear all, we have just returned from another prolonged period in China. Our everyday involved the study and revision of Seven Stars Praying Mantis forms, weapons, two-person forms, applications, Neigong and Daoyin under the guidance of Master Chi. The above was reinforced with the aid and understanding of Chinese language, etymology, Taoism, Buddhism, culture, history, health preservation, herbal medicine, tea culture and dietetics.

On another note; after years of unsuccessfully trying to amass support and collect donations in order to establish a place of memorial for Great-grandmaster Wang Yunsheng in Yantai, Fushan district. It is with great pleasure I can announce that a memorial hall for Great-grandmaster Wang Yunsheng, the founder of Seven Stars Praying Mantis is already underway in Dalian. Upon its completion a special ceremony will be held and we cordially invite any fellow practitioners who may wish to attend along with us.

 With best wishes,

 J Rodriguez